Psychosocial Assessment / Supervision

Derek Willis and Murray Winn represent the Go Well Group for the Canterbury region in the South Island, New Zealand. Our group was established in Wellington in 1988 by Don Smith, Psychologist, who developed our original evaluation procedures for a number of missions and churches. At the same time Murray was developing a range of his own assessment tools and eventually these two initiatives were amalgamated into the one operational group.


  • A group of Christian psychologists and psychotherapists who are experienced in working with missions and church personnel, and who have a vision to equip and care for those we send cross-culturally.
  • Currently working with 16 major NZ sending agencies and several church denominations. We have been providing psychological assessments to inform selection and placement procedures, and member care, for over 25 years.
  • Also available to consult to business, churches and other organisations in the selection and placement of staff, within the NZ context.


  • Assessment of individuals for specific qualities which are indicators of effectiveness in cross-cultural settings and organisational positions.
  • Feedback on suitability for proposed role and location.
  • Debriefing, personal well-being check, and assessment of areas to address.
  • On-field / in position monitoring to track changes in functioning and to detect signs of functional or relational stress.
  • Advice on appropriate member care, and preparation needed before overseas assignment.
  • Developmental strategies for individuals – areas for growth, feedback on strengths, weaknesses and teamwork.


  • Several self-esteem and personality inventories which are also extensively applied in commercial and government contexts internationally, for the selection and placement of staff. Together with a biographical package and in depth interviews with one of our experienced psychologists or psychotherapists, these tests allow for a comprehensive overview of the individual candidate / applicant.


  • As coordinator for the Group, Jenny Manson is available to discuss with users of our service, ways in which we can help you to fulfill  your desire to provide excellent preparation and member care to those working cross-culturally or here in NZ. This in turn may lead to the further equipping of individuals with greater self-awareness and the skills to develop their fuller potential.

    Jenny Manson, B.Sc. (Psych), M.A.
    09 534 5953
    027 224 2418