Alice McLean

Alice McLeanBachelor of Counselling

I’m Alice and I am the most recent addition to The Arahura Centre. My counsellor training is in Person Centered and Narrative therapies. During my time at The Arahura Centre I am also exploring psychotherapeutic approaches. I believe that life can be beautiful. And I am hopeful that despite the pain and darkness that life deals to us, with another alongside us we can find the strength within ourselves to continue forward.

Areas of interest
Anxiety  |  Self acceptance  |  Burnout, fatigue  |  Depression  |  Grief  |  LGBTQ support  |  Group work

Enabling people to notice and honour their own inner voice, needs, desires, strengths and uncovering one’s unique individuality drives my work. Listening to the body and integrating both mind and body as one is another key focus.

Outside of my work here I enjoy facilitating a personal development group for training counsellors, teaching young women how to make great coffee, learning te reo Maori and tending to gardens and potted plants. I am energised and inspired by tramping in the mountains, surfing on my longboard and dancing.

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