Rebecca Finch

Rebecca-FinchBachelor of Arts (political science major); Bachelor of Counselling (person-centered major) Core-Training in ISTDP

I completed my arts degree in 1990, the degree in person-centered counselling in 2015 and the core-training in ISTDP (intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy) in November 2020. My main areas of work include individuals from a trauma or abuse background & people suffering with anxiety or depression. I have a deep understanding of the difficulties we are facing due to climate change and have a special interest in helping people to process their experiences of this crisis. In addition, I have NZSL skills and an awareness of Deaf culture and welcome Deaf clients, indeed I welcome people from all walks of life. I do not treat children or couples.

I work together with people who are wanting to understand themselves and the difficulties they are experiencing. The aim is to see if we can identify any emotional or psychological factors adding to your difficulties, where these come from and how they impact you now. Person-centred counselling rests in a respect for a person’s drive to work in their own best interests and ISTDP works with the way a person has adapted to survive their life experiences, helping to identify the patterns of relationship this has produced, including their core experience of the world. In this way we can work together to understand your unique pattern of being and relating.

I have been a full member of NZCCA since December 2015 & ISSTD since 2019.

I enjoy being with and appreciating nature, sharing time with family and friends, having pets and gardening, new experiences, relaxing with a good book, biking, meditation, silence and other life-nourishing activities.

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