Rebecca Finch

Rebecca-FinchBachelor of Arts (political science major); Bachelor of Counselling (person-centered major)

I completed a degree in person-centered counselling in 2014 and graduated at the beginning of 2015. Person-centered counselling is “… a way of being with people … which…rests on a deep respect for and trust in the individual’s capacity for growth, development and creativity.” (Merry 2002 pg 12) My training involved: group therapy, personal one to one counselling, journalling, video assessment of my work with clients, assignments, a lot of reading, challenges and under the guidance of experienced tutors. My training experiences were robust and humbling.

I have NZSL skills and an awareness of Deaf culture – having spent time working with Deaf in Palmerston North and at van Asch school for the Deaf. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Deaf clients.

My other areas of interest/ways of helping include mindfulness, creative therapies and small figure work. I hope to co-create a space where my clients feel supported to explore productively, spontaneously and at their own pace the way they are in relationship with themselves and others. I welcome people from all walks of life and endeavour to meet people without judgement, in kindness and with empathy.

I have been a full member of NZCCA since December 2015 and operate with a commitment to uphold the code of ethics as outlined in their documentation.

I enjoy being with and appreciating nature, sharing time with family and friends, cooking and baking, having pets, new experiences, relaxing with a good book, exercising, mindfulness and other life-nourishing activities.

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