Derek Willis

Derek-WillisMA Hons., (Psychology), MNZAP Registered Psychotherapist and ACC Registered Counsellor

Hi, my name is Derek and I have worked as a psychotherapist for over 20 years. I work with individuals and couples, and see my work as assisting people to grow towards a healthy and fulfilling sense of personhood and self-in-relationships. This includes assisting clients to overcome those issues and experiences that interfere with the growth to becoming more fulfilled. I came into this work in my late twenties after training and working in economics, and after negotiating my teenage years and early twenties, which for me had significant challenges. Influences on my work have been many, and I am interested in all aspects that contribute to developing a healthy sense of being and relationships. My studies started with a Masters degree in psychology, and in Life-Line counselling with an emphasis on person centred listening. I then trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy with an emphasis on object relations and self-psychology. I also integrate some cognitive-behavioural aspects, and believe in the importance of our spiritual journey.

My current practice is predominantly psychotherapy, but also includes a number of other aspects: supervision; teaching; personality profiling and psychometrics; the establishment of community housing; and being a trustee of two trusts involved with community mental health.

My current fee for psychotherapy is between $95 and $140, with some further room for negotiation at the lower end of this scale.

I am married to Margaret, am the father of three young adult sons, and enjoy mountain biking and exercising the family’s delightful golden retriever to keep fit and to help keep my head clear!

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