The Arahura Centre Internship 2020

The Arahura Centre is offering a two year post graduate internship starting in 2020.

This exciting programme has two main aims. First, to provide counsellors and therapists with professional development and mentoring as they begin working in private practice. Second, to offer practitioners with a group learning environment and supervised practice in which to develop relational psychotherapeutic practice, and capacity to work with complex trauma and mid to long-term therapy.

The internship is centred on supervised practice and workshop-based teaching.

Applicants must have a degree in counselling or psychotherapy, and a minimum of provisional membership in a relevant professional body, such as NZAC or NZCCA.

Applications will close on September 30th, 2019.

For further information please contact either Kim Lingley, kim@thearahuracentre.co.nz, or Katherine Stewart, katherine@thearahuracentre.co.nz.